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[Development is on Hiatus until further notice]

Story :

You are a survivor of an outbreak, and those who are infected will grow bone-like spikes coming out of their spines and exhale clouds of viruses into the air, causing more of the disease to spread, You are one of the few that are partly immune to the airborne virus. Scavenge the ruins of the old world, and survive!

Apocalypse Scavenger is a 2D-RPG game with survival aspects and randomly generated maps and a pinch of horror in the gameplay!


  • Items (currently 84 in total)

Consumables, Equipment, Readables, Collectables, You name it!

  • Buildings to Scavenge (or loot)
  • Weapons (Both Ranged and Melee), also dual wielding!
  • Random Events that will occur when you play the game!
  • A Health system! instead of a Health Bar or Meter! (similar to Call of Cthulhu : Dark corners of the earth)

But with a twist! unlike most RPG games where a "skill-tree/class" defines what you CAN or CANNOT do, in Apocalypse Scavenger everything is unlocked! it's the matter of whether you have the necessary skill or luck to do it!

Example : rather than an "eagle eye" kind of trait, YOUR attention to detail or ability to spot minor details will be used to discover all kinds of secrets!

Planned Features :

  • NPCs and Factions to interact with.
  • Trading between Player and NPCs.
  • A full blown Ending to the game.
  • and more diversity in Buildings, Items, and Encounters.

NOTE : the DEMO and the FULL GAME currently available to be bought is totally different, and the main differences are both in gameplay and content.

[You also can't save your game in the DEMO]


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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