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In Drummer Boy; you play as a Drummer Boy giving out commands to your fellow soldiers, to either Attack or Defend from incoming barrages!

the game includes a few game modes! such as :

Easy, Normal, and Hard : A general difficulty curve in gameplay.

Survival: you can't attack, and you must survive for a set time!

Outnumbered : you get half the amount of troops in the start of the battle.

This is considered to be complete, but you want something to be added or you just found a bug or two, feel free to contact me here!

Youtube Channel : Youtube

Support the game and it's developer (me)! even a small amount counts! or you can share this game to your friends! anything helps!


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DrummerBoy V1.0 (WINDOWS) 8 MB


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instructions? ive been pressing right and left on the arrow keys and mouse click. nothing works. i dont understand what you press to do the drums without clear instructions

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First of all, thanks for the comment!
Before you can drum away, you would first need to select a command for your troops!
by pressing either "1" (attack), or "2" (defend).
- Kevin

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ah, that makes sense. now that i know how to play, i can finally enjoy the game. while i was playing, though. i experienced a bug. after i finished the drum routine sometimes (just sometimes) the reds would shoot at my troops as my left screen is stuck on the drumming screen with no blocks falling down to the drum. its like that for a few minutes and then goes back to normal. its also when i get a score 20 or higher.